Grand Canyon Mule Trips

Sure, hiking the Grand Canyon can be a lot of fun and is one of the most common ways for visitors to get to the one-mile bottom of the 277 mile long national park. But if you want to experience the journey the way that explorers may have hundreds of years ago, you might want to consider one of the park’s mule trips. They are offered for visitors to both the north and south rims of the canyon, and range from a one hour trip to overnight rides. Obviously the one hour ride will not get you to the bottom of the canyon, but it will give you an opportunity to experience the magnificence of the canyon’s walls from a different perspective as you traverse the Canyon’s rim. An overnight ride will let visitors spend a night at Phantom Ranch which is nestled deep in the canyon very near the rustling Colorado River. These rides include accommodation and meals. For those wanting to spend more time exploring the deep caverns and scenic beauty from the bottom of the Canyon there is a two-night ride also available from the National Park Service website. There are a few restrictions for mule riders: they must not weigh more than 200 lbs fully dressed, must be at least 4 feet 7 inches in height, must be able to speak and understand fluent English, must be in good physical condition, should not be afraid of heights or large animals, and cannot be pregnant. If you fall outside of these parameters you may be able to still enjoy some scenic beauty via a horse ride along the south rim which can also be arranged by visiting the park department’s website.

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